A Sneak Peek at Highlander’s Charm, Coming Soon

Joanne Wadsworth

HIGHLANDER’S CHARM,Highlander Heat #3.

I can’t wait to bring you HIGHLANDER’S CHARM, book three in my Highlander Heat series. This book will release late September 2014, so it’s coming soon. And for some more delicious Highlander Heat news. I’ve just wrapped up book four in the series, and Highlander’s Guardian has a tentative release date set for January 2015.

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from Charm which I hope you enjoy.


Lila strode along the thinning, scrub-lined path. At the edge of the loch, a hundred shirtless warriors wielded swords in a battle of strength against one another. Another hundred swam toward a small island in the middle of the waterway.

Among the half-naked men, Calum swung his two-handed claymore down on his opponent’s. His shoulders and arms were thick, strong, and packed with muscle. A healthy sheen of sweat glistened across his glorious abs. He shoved forward and the force of his move…

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